maandag 31 december 2007

as it is in heaven

Yesterday I watched the DVD of "As it is in Heaven". A wonderful moving Swedish film.
The absolute highlight of the story is Gabriella's song. It goes right to your heart.

woensdag 19 december 2007

zondag 16 december 2007


After years of irritation at Christmas
Amsterdam has a tree to be proud of.

vrijdag 14 december 2007

zaterdag 1 december 2007


In tram number 10, on my way distributing the Worldagenda of Amsterdam, I enjoyed Amsterdam-views other then my own neighbourhood. On this first day of december the weather was ok. Specially the light on and around the Java and KNSM Island was really bright and beautiful.On this Photo, taken from bus number 42, you see NEMO. The science Museum built like a ship.