woensdag 29 oktober 2008

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008

Helen Levitt

FOAM, the museum for photography in Amsterdam, where I work, just opened an exposition of the work of Helen Levitt. She started her career in 1939. Soon she became inspired by Henry Cartier Bresson and started to photograph people in the streets of NY. She's still alive, now 95 years old and lives a quiet live in the USA.

maandag 20 oktober 2008

A week in the Provence

Back from a wonderful week in the French Provence.

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Wereldagenda van Amsterdam

For everyone who lives in Amsterdam or just loves the city, we made the Amsterdam World Agenda 2009. It is the second edition of this Agenda, filled with useful information about the city and its very different population. Dates and descriptions of Special days of remembrance and festivity of many cultures you will find on the writing pages throughout the year. The best adresses for excotic restaurants, the Amsterdam markets, theatres, you name it, it is all in the agenda as well as some interviews with citizens with foreign backgrounds. A lovely birthday- or Christmaspresent for Amsterdamlovers.
Order via the website

woensdag 1 oktober 2008


Perfect song for a melancholic moment.