donderdag 27 september 2007


Tonight on Dutch television the documentary "Forever". A film made by Heddy Honigmann released in 2006. It is a story about the dead and the living at the cemetery Pere Lachaise in Paris. A beautiful story, a wonderful film. 95 interesting minutes at NED. 2, 10.50 pm

woensdag 26 september 2007


I had some fun with flickr toys using a photo of my two nephews, David and Milan to make a movie poster. Milan is having his sixth birthday this weekend.

maandag 24 september 2007


On a French blog, le vestiaire de Jeanne, I stumbled upon this girl wearing very attractive clothing

zondag 23 september 2007

carfree sunday

Today the centre of Amsterdam was carfree. The weather was great. With my friend Liz we made a boattrip on a historical ferry. A sundayafternoon well spent.

zaterdag 22 september 2007

new soul

Nothing worth watching on TV, I visited other surprising blogs. On one of them I came across this music clip. Nice enough to share it with you. Name of the girl is Yael Naim and the album is called New Soul.

dinsdag 18 september 2007

Emily Dickinson

It's all I have to bring today
This, and my heart beside
This, and my heart, and all the fields
And all the meadows wide
Be sure you count
should I forget Some one the sum could tell
This, and my heart, and all the Bees
Which in the Clover dwell.
Emily Dickinson (December 10, 1830May 15, 1886) was an American poet. Though virtually unknown in her lifetime, Dickinson has come to be regarded, along with Walt Whitman, as one of the two quintessential American poets of the 19th century.
Dickinson lived an introverted and hermetic life. Although she wrote, at the last count, 1,789 poems, only a handful of them were published during her lifetime. Some of these published anonymously and some may have been published without her knowledge.
Tonight I saw a play about Emily played by

zondag 16 september 2007

maison for sale

This gorgeous house in France is for sale. It is situated in the Cantal nearby the village of Salers.The landscape is mountainous with stunning views, the air is clean and the meadows are full of flowers in spring. The area is not yet discovered by tourists. If you are interested let me know by e-mail and i'll fill you in about the details.

zaterdag 8 september 2007

vrijdag 7 september 2007


View from the new penthouse appartement of a friend. In the middle of the harbour area of Amsterdam on top of an office building. Today almost all the members of our small coffeeclub came to celebrate this new and fantastic house with, ofcourse, coffee and dutch applepie.The view is like a film. The constant activity on the water and the ever changing famous Dutch skies.
Put on your favourite music,
stand on the balcony
and enjoy !!