dinsdag 2 juni 2009

never leave home without

bag > The Kipling FrugM nightblue. A practical A4 bag. For my daily stuff and sometimes a littlebit more.

mobile > A basic, simple nokia. After years of fancy telephones I went back to basic. I can call and sms. Nothing more, nothing less.

purse > Also Kipling, red, with enough space for all the bank- and other cards.

readingglasses in a chinese, very pink holder.

foam button > my working button that I wear in the museum

calligraphy pen > I'm lost without my call. pen. Any compliment about my handwriting I have to share with my pen.

uniball gel pen > For many years now I make my notes with uniball pens from Japan. Only uniball, no imitation, can do the job.

sunglasses > I'm the type that has several cheap pairs of sunglasses instead of one proper quality pair. Simply because I want to see my glasses in whatever direction I'm looking for them

I love all Moleskine items. My red agenda for this year and the two plain notebooks.

Sweeties for my coffees at the Coffee Company and Blistex lip relief for possible dry lips.

My passport and very handy Xtra bright bicyclelights from the HEMA.

And last but not least my dear and special keyholder that is with me for twenty years now. I bought it in 1989 as a souvenir in the year Paris celebrated the revolution from twohundred years ago.

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