maandag 1 november 2010

mondaymorning citywalk

Today, on the first day of november, I decided to go to the monday gardenmarket at the Amstelveld. Skies were grey, yet the temperature was nice. After the shopping madhouse that Amsterdam centre is during the weekend, the streets were empty and quiet and wonderful to walk along. I left the tram at Rembrandtplein and walked up Utrechtsestraat to the Amstelveld. I spotted the bio-supermarket MARQT . It's a relatively new supermarket and besides the scary pricetags, just the place you would like to do your daily shopping. I bought a jar of mayonaise made from a Belgian recipe. At the gardenmarket I got myself a plant (viburnum). I walked through the Kerkstraat up to the Vijzelstraat and then to het Spui. Cappucino at the parisien style cafe called Luxembourg. On the cormer of het Singel I met two gorgeous pups in a bicycle basket and I met my old friend Yvette for a second cup of coffee. Everywhere, during my walk the trees were as yellow as trees can be.
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Did you walk with me Lynn ?

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klarakapucine zei

Yes, I did walk with you through Amsterdam on your blog.
Thank you for taking me on a familiar journey which is forever impressed in my mind.
I can often put myself there and I do miss it every time. Wish I could have shared that coffee with you. I could feel the fresh fall air.
love Lynn

BigMamaBlaze Blog zei

Your photography left me breathless...I will share your work with my sister who owns a tiny galley off the map in Bay City, Oregon. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
Oregon, USA